All-Star Book Review Center (Scholastic Book Fair)

Hi friends!

If you’re getting ready for a Scholastic book fair at YOUR school, then you already know that the theme for Fall 2012 is All-Stars. I’ve found that the more I decorate, the more excitement I generate among students, families, and teachers for our book fairs. I sell more books, students get more books at home to read, and we have money to do more good stuff in the library!

So…it must be time for a library center, right? Oh, YES!

This is the center that I’ll have going for the next week or two.

Here’s what I’m doing. I copied stars onto brightly colored cardstock. Each star already has the prompt on it that says: __________ is an all-star book because ____________.  I’ll put the stars out at a table, with my “I Can” instruction sign, and some pencils and colored pencils. Students will write their brief book reviews, then give me the stars. I’ll stick them to the walls all over the library as part of the book fair decorations. 
Ta-da! Student work on display? Check! Students sharing book reviews with each other? Check! Colorful decorations for the book fair? Check! All of this can be accomplished with one simple library center.
I’ve put all of this together into a freebie you can grab at my TPT store. Even if you aren’t decorating up for a Scholastic book fair, I think star book reviews all over the library would look great at any time!
Does anybody have more book fair decorating ideas to share?
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    1. I cut out little “shield” shapes (think Superman but without the S … hopefully people will still get the reference?) with my Silhouette. Figured the teachers could write their names and the title of a book they might want to put on their wish lists and we’d just tape the shield right there on the display. More visual than our usual binder with lists. But oh. Just realized that’s more our Superhero theme that we had going in the library anyway. And that we’re sort of sticking with since I didn’t see anything in the Scholastic stuff that I thought we could really do (spray paint a garbage can gold and turn it into a giant trophy? Um, cute but … expensive). So never mind. Going now. ;]

      1. Ms.O, I totally agree on spray painting a giant trash can. I like your idea of adding extra decorations to the teacher wish list to go with the theme! Good luck with your book fair next week!

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