Facebook Friday 2/23/18

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Has your February been fabulous? Here’s what we’ve been talking about on the Library Learners Facebook page!

Facebook Friday

Draw on Your Librarian’s Dress

The most popular post was this idea shared from The Weary Teacher. She has students draw what makes them happy on a white dress for her to wear.

white dress teacher

Photo credit to KOCO News 5. I think it would be a fun makerspace project! Librarian Neha Thakkar says that she did this last year with her students and loved it. She used fabric markers and this dress from Amazon. Thanks, Neha!

(Note: This is an affiliate link, which means that I make a few cents if you buy the product, at no extra cost to you.)

We Need Diverse Books

Looking to create a diverse, inclusive collection in your school library? Of course, we all are!  I shared this great infographic from Jennifer LaGarde to help you. You can download your free printable here.

diverse books infographic

Students, How Are You Feeling?

I shared this article from The Designer Teacher about why she asks students how they’re feeling. There were a variety of comments on my post, about using shorthand answers or Poll Everywhere to allow students to express how they’re feeling, without taking too much instructional time.

Asking Students How They Are FeelingImage Credit to The Designer Teacher

Last week, I tried this with a couple of classes, after we had been working on a research project. I asked them how they felt about their learning that morning. They showed me with a thumbs up (great), thumbs down (fine), or thumbs down (frustrated). In one class, about half showed thumbs up and half had thumbs down. We made a plan to partner up at the start of our next lesson so that the students with thumbs up could help the students with thumbs down.

I’ve done this before, but I need to make it a priority each time I work with our students. I want to quickly find out who is frustrated and struggling.


Thanks for being part of our Library Learners community! Are you ready for March to roar in like a lion?

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