Printable Bookmarks: Line Designs

Bookmarks can be a way for students to express their creativity, in a colorful format. I don’t know about your area, but we don’t have many art teachers in elementary schools anymore around here. In the emphasis on standardized, high-stakes testing, we don’t allow students much time for artistic pursuits.
This library center is not only creative and artsy, but it allows everyone to be successful. Have your students start with a black crayon in hand, and a blank bookmark on the table. This can be either an index card, or a piece of printer paper or cardstock that you’ve chopped into right-sized pieces.
Tell the students that once you begin, you will count to five. As you count, the students move their black crayons across the paper in any way they wish, WITHOUT lifting the crayon from the page. You will need to model this for them, and you may want a piece of scratch paper underneath, protecting your library table from your most enthusiastic artists.
After the students complete the line design, they color it in with solid colors, stripes, polka dots, patterns, or whatever they’d like. Each one will be a designer original, and because they are abstract, no one will be right or wrong!

This is an example of what a finished line design might look like. Reminds you of famous paintings you’ve seen in a modern art museum, right?
This is just another way to help your students to feel like your school library is a place that welcomes them and helps them to be successful. They will enjoy showing off their colorful creations to their families and friends.
How do you create bookmark designs in YOUR school library? Please share.

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