Research revelation–brain breaks!

Hi friends!

I know I’ve already been whining blogging about our third grade research projects, with seven different classes. We’re in our second and final week now, trying to complete our comparison charts. The first part of the week was sooo frustrating.

We reached the part of the project with a higher level of thinking. Students had to work in teams to create their own question that could be asked about two different rapid changes to the earth’s surface. Some students appreciated the challenge, while others seemed overwhelmed. There were many trips to the pencil sharpener and the tissue box. And the bathroom and the water fountain. Some aimless wandering on the computer.

This morning, a class came in with a substitute teacher for their research. Oh, boy. The lesson was already challenging enough when the regular teacher and I were co-teaching. A sub?!?

If you had been at my library at about 9 this morning, you might have seen me looking something like this. Just keeping it real here.

And then I had an idea.

I told everyone to stop and put their pencils down. I said, “I have a challenge for you.” They cheered. I am not kidding.

I said, “No other class has been able to do this. But if every student in your class can finish their chart by 10:15, we will all dance like penguins.”

The room began to sizzle with third grade energy. Oh. My. Goodness. You would think I had offered them a million dollars! They worked together. They helped each other. They stayed at their tables. And would you believe that every single student finished their chart?

So we did this together.

So, tonight I started a Pinterest board for brain breaks. Because they are magic.

Have you tried brain breaks with your students? How did it go? If you have a favorite, please share it in a comment. I will add it to the Pinterest board for easy access.

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    1. LOVE IT! We have had 4 consecutive days of rain and nasty weather so I’ve been looking for things to do with the K-1’s. This is perfect!

      My 4th grade just completed a research project and I feel your pain. I think we will celebrate with this during our next rotation…thank you!

    2. AMEN! We just started today (5 classes in third grade) but I can already tell I’ll be using this next week. Thought I would go berserk with the “lollygagging” of some of them. Many were SO cute and on task with their heads bent over books or laptops or what have you. Others? Not so much. :/

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