S’more Tech Summer Camp, Day 3

Hi campers!

I love the way you’ve been jumping into the pool with great big splashes of inspiration! I learn so much from you! Thank you for sharing with our fellow campers!

Today’s camp post is a little shorter, but still super-cool (I think). Unfold your lawn chair, and look up at the movie screen so I can introduce you to Snag Films. No, you won’t need your 3-D glasses!

Snag Films looks like a resource for us to use ourselves and share with teachers to help create dynamic presentations. Located at http://learning.snagfilms.com, this site features videos (both clips and full-length) from awesome producers like NOVA and National Geographic.

Search by grade level if you want to browse, or use the search box to find a specific topic. Beneath the video player are Learning Questions.

Here’s how I would use this site: I would show the video clip (or a portion of a longer video) as an introduction and attention grabber, then discuss the “Learning Questions.” This would provide a perfect opportunity to talk about “thick versus thin” questions as part of the research process. I think my students would be intrigued by the nature clips, and would be engaged as we discussed the questions.

When you click the plus sign under the video, you can get a link to embed in your blog or presentation. Like this:
Africa: Wilds of Madagascar

Things I don’t like about this site:
-They do show a commercial before the video clip, but I know that’s how we get the content for free.
-I’m a little nervous about the fact that there is high school and college content, but in my wandering through the site, I didn’t see anything inappropriate, just complex. There are currently only 16 clips designated for elementary school, but I think our students would be intrigued and challenged by the videos for older students.

So, for camp today, explore this site. Check out some of the films. What do you think? Take a screenshot and save your favorite video to your camp scrapbook.

How could you use these videos with your students?

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    1. The ads are killing me, but I love the videos of all of the “big” vehicles, buildings, etc. (mostly because I’m still a 6-year-old boy inside)!

      Believe it or not, I think I might actually turn the ads to good and suggest students create STEM commercials advertising careers related to the videos. It would offer experience of meaningful, sensible advertising and would also raise awareness of those science and engineering fields in need of more graduates.

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