Angry Birds Bookmarks

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Right now, our school library is an oasis in the midst of high pressure test preparation. Our students are being benchmarked, coached, tutored, and motivated like crazy! I’m backing off any rigor in our library centers, and ratcheting up the fun level.

In the spirit of fun and games, next week we’re going to have a center for drawing Angry Birds bookmarks. They are simple, easy to draw, and I’ll bet that your students love this game like mine do.

Anyway, I saw this on Pinterest, and decided that I could put this sign up at a center with cardstock strips and colored pencils.

Angry Birds Coloring Pages

The graphic came from Cool Coloring Pages. Of course, you know that Angry Birds and its characters were created by Roxio Mobile. I think that as long as our students don’t sell the bookmarks they create with these characters, we’re okay with the copyright laws.

How does your library respond to testing season? I hope you’re able to keep it fun!

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