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I love the collaboration going on in the comments! Thanks to Elaine Deja who shared a great list of what to include in your school’s dream makerspace. 

Here’s a sneak peek at this list, from the University of Michigan School of Information, Those Marvelous Michigan Makers:

Library Makerspace List

(By the way, I don’t think everything on this list is appropriate for an elementary school library. Like Kitchen Knives 101. Not happening at my school!)

Here are makerspace suggestions from other librarians who’ve commented:

  • Legos,
  • puzzles,
  • a loom,
  • origami,
  • foldables,
  • magnetic poetry 
  • things they can make and take: bookmarks, greeting cards, basics of How to Draw things, and seasonal crafts (buy craft books from book fair)
  • Robot Turtle Games (Thanks, Elaine Deja!)
  • duct tape fab lab
  • Rainbow Bands
  • 2d fab lab where kids designed a graphic using Tux Paint, M.S Paint ot Powerpoint to iron on to a clean tshirt or other fabric item they brought from home. They could also design a poster to print using the poster printer
  • Cardboard Creation station – create whatever they can think of using a variety of donated and scrounged cardboard boxes, tubes, etc. Use the Caine Monroy video clip to inspire them.
  • Plarn – make plarn from plastic bags to use in crocheting whatever…. scarf, bookmark, stuffed critter.
  • bookmarks and beads – design and create bookmarks, string beads to create wrist bands and necklaces. (Thanks, Linda Waskow!)

OK, did anyone else know what plarn was before reading that list? Not me!


This post is meant to inspire you, not exhaust you! Can you find 2 or 3 ideas to start your maker space with? Start from there, stock up this summer, and let the making begin!

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    1. So many great ideas. I’ve done a few of them before they were ‘makerspaces’. Thank you for sharing!

    2. Hi Cari,
      I love your posts. I do a mix of Makerspaces with library centers during my students’ library times. Some of the things I have introduced have included Snap Circuits, Origami,, Goldiblocks, Tynker, Scratch, and K’nex. My kids have loved it. Next year I am moving to a new 7-12 school and hope to have a full-fledged Makerspace.

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