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Today’s post comes from an elementary school librarian in Tennessee who just started blogging at The Go To Library Girl.  She tagged me in a tweet last week (@Amy_W00ds), and I loved the pictures of her library centers in action. Amy Woods, thank you for sharing your ideas with us! She says…

I try to expose students to new and different books by strategically incorporating them at each center. For example, I may place books about animals at the Lego center with a task card prompting them to create the animals they see in the books.

library lego makerspaces

Or, I may choose books with beautiful and unique settings with the challenge to create one of the settings using the Legos. Sometimes I give students the option to create their own setting.

library lego makerspaces

It melts my heart to see the child that struggles to read tell their classmates what is going on in their “setting” with such pride and confidence. When you walk in my Library you will see every child engaged and actively learning! Centers in the Library was a game changer for my Library program!

Thanks, Amy, for sharing your Lego book setting centers. Librarian friends, I think this is a center/makerspace that you could set up next week to engage your library learners! Books plus Legos plus a task card or “I Can” sign–that’s all you need.

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