AASL Standards for your Makerspaces

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For something different, I made a video intro for this blog post! 

I strongly believe that your library centers and makerspaces should have a standards-based learning goal on display. Any student, teacher, or other library stakeholder walking through your space should be able to see (at a glance) that you are focused on attaining specific goals with your instructional time.

We do want to be taken seriously as teacher-librarians, don’t we?

This isn’t difficult, because the AASL Standards are all about creation and collaboration. These skills are at the center of makerspaces AND our students’ future success!

I’ve created printable signs for you to post in your library, to show the world that our students are not “just playing.” They are becoming the inventors and innovators that we need in our world!


Of course the standards are copyright by the American Library Association. I’ve put them in a fun font and added cute borders. After you print these signs, you can laminate them, or place them in a page protector or acrylic sign holder to display them in your school library. I think you’ll use them again and again.

I hope this simple graphic helps you to show everyone what an awesome instructor you are! (And let me know what you think about adding video to my blog posts. Thumbs up or thumbs down?)

NOTE: I have updated this free printable for the revised standards. You can download a copy for free here!

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    1. Love this idea….it is one of the things I have been struggling with in starting a makerspace. You have just provided me with the missing piece. I will definitely be organizing this for next year. THANK YOU!!!!!

      1. Jennifer, I’m so glad I was able to help you move forward with your makerspaces! You are so welcome!
        Thanks for your comment!

      1. Thank you so much! I was strongly encouraged to do Makerspace activities but when I sat down to do my lesson plans I became stuck on the standards section. Your document was a great help!

    2. I would love to be added to your Makerspace Board. My Pinterest name is Alicia Minter. Thanks so much!

    3. Cari, I just found these posters & I love them! Are you thinking about updating to align with the new AASL standards?

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