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Hi, friends! I’m teaming up with some librarian blogger friends for a series about how to make the most of your TPT shopping! Let’s talk about how and why to leave helpful feedback on your TPT purchases.

How to Leave Helpful TPT Feedback

In your “My Purchases” page on TPT, you should see a pop-up box at the top, asking you to give feedback on your recent purchases. Here’s what mine currently looks like.

where to provide TPT feedback

TPT is an amazing online marketplace for educators to share their resources, but YOU can make it even better. Take just a minute or two to click those buttons and give feedback on the items you’ve purchased. Stuck for what to say? Try answering one of these questions.

  • How are you planning to use this product?
  • What attracted you to the product and made you want to purchase it?
  • If you were going to add anything to the product, what would you add?
  • How will this product help you teach more effectively?
  • How did your students respond to this product?
  • What would make this product even better or more useful?
  • How will this product save time for you, since you don’t have to create it yourself?
  • What part of the resource did you like the most?
  • How were the product description and preview helpful in your decision to purchase?
  • If the seller were to make another related product, what would you suggest?

Examples of Helpful TPT Feedback

example TPT feedback

For example, this buyer told me that she used my Fiction Genres Would You Rather resource as an activity to help with transition times. I hadn’t thought of that myself, but now I can add that to my product description. Other buyers will get more use out of the product because that one buyer took a minute to provide that feedback.

sample TPT feedback

This Buyer let me know which part of the Summer Reading Bingo Bundle was most useful for her. When I choose to revise and update this resource, I will be sure to keep that part, or even expand upon it.

sample TPT feedback

As a TPT seller, sometimes it just makes my heart ❤️ happy to know that my Book Review Banner product is reaching readers who are getting excited about reading books and writing book reviews!

Sellers will Answer

seller response to TPT feedback

Be sure to check the little box at the bottom of the feedback form so that you get notification by email when the teacher-author replies to your feedback.

You get credits on future purchases

When you leave feedback, not only do you help the sellers create better products for everyone, you also get credit toward your future TPT purchases. That’s a win-win!

You get one credit for every $1 that you spend and leave feedback on. Once you have 50 credits, you get $2.50 off your next purchase, even if the item is on sale!

Mitmoji librarian with treasure

Wait, There’s More!

Be sure to click here to enter our giveaway to win a TPT Gift Card for your back-to-School purchases! We’re giving away several gift cards, and the deadline to enter is August 5, 2019.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You’ll want to see all of the posts in this series, to help you make the most of your TPT shopping!

Next up, Julie Olson, That Library Girl, will talk about how to get your school to pay for your TPT purchases with TPT For Schools here.

Happy shopping!

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