Thanksgiving Library Center

Hi friends!

I went simple for my Thanksgiving library center this year. If you are in school this week, you are welcome to share this on your school campus.

Thanksgiving Library Center

I stretched yellow butcher paper across the table, added a cup of markers, and put up this sign (it’s a free download from my Google Drive). It says: Draw or write something that you are thankful for. Leave room for others to write and draw.

Thanksgiving Library Center


Here are some of the responses from my students.



I’m thankful for books. (Gotta love that answer, with the book illustration.)

Thankful for Librarians

I believe this says I am thankful for the librarians, if I sound it out.



Thankful for minecraft, I think, which is crazy popular at our school.


Thankful for WiFi


I think we can all agree with this one: thankful for wi-fi and life.

This was so easy to set up, but our students really seemed to enjoy expressing themselves in words and pictures. You can see how the page is covered. After one page filled up, I replaced it with another sheet of butcher paper, about halfway through the week.

I am thankful for you this week, blog readers, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas! As a new librarian it has been so helpful to see pictures and read about the best way to get centers up and running in my library. The week of Thanksgiving I did the butcher paper on the tables and let the kids write about what they were thankful for. I was so pleased with what they came up with and were writing. This season I am thankful for hardworking colleagues that are willing to share to help others of us become the best we can be! I am thankful for you, Cari!

      1. Kristin, thank you for your encouraging words! They mean a lot to me as I spend time on evenings and weekends working on this blog.
        I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

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