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I missed you for the last few weeks! I was busy launching my Jamberry business and writing my 5-year plan for our library. Part of my 5-year plan is to incorporate maker spaces into our school library.

Make It at a Library Maker SpaceI’ve got a collaborative Pinterest board about Library Makerspaces. (Give me your Pinterest name in a comment if you’d like to be added to our board.) I’ve been thinking for several months about maker spaces, and how they differ from library centers.

I think that maker spaces are more open-ended and allow for more freedom of expression than library centers. In my transformed library space, I plan to have a technology maker space, a building maker space, and an art maker space. I’ll keep you posted throughout this process, and I will still have library centers, too.

In our district, we are shifting our resources from print to a mix of print and digital resources. This opens up shelves and areas for our planned maker spaces. I’ve planned three for our library: technology, building, and art.

Technology Maker Space: This area will have iPads and netbooks available for students to create and problem solve. I’ll have task cards that they can choose from, directing them to sites like, or Scratch, or Lego Movie Maker. I’ll have a charging cart for these devices to live in at night and re-charge.

Building Maker Space: I’ll have building tools, and possibly building challenges on task cards. It could look like this photo from This will be an area for hands-on construction.

Lego Library Maker Space


They could design something like this, from FrugalFun4Boys.

Library maker Space marble trackArt Maker Space: I’ll have craft supplies in baskets on the shelves. Maybe a communal loom, that students can add to, like this one from

Loom in Library Maker SpaceI’ll also have task cards, with directions for projects like continuous line drawing, as shown on

Drawing Library Maker Space


Makerspaces. Will they be messy? Yes. Will they make noise? Almost certainly. But I think we can all see that our schools do not provide enough time, space, or tools to allow students to create. They spend most of their day consuming and absorbing information. We can step into that gap and restore playful construction to our buildings.

If you’ve already set up a maker space in your library, I would love to hear from you in a comment. I’d like to get some guest posts to add different viewpoints to our discussion!

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    1. I’d love to be on your makerspace Pinterest board! My name is Beth Brymer. Thanks so much! My district (LeanderISD) is putting libraries in huge fine arts rotation next year. I have a 900+ school. I’m hoping I can incorporate makerspace next year. Thanks for your help

    2. I’m also extremely interested in makerspaces in my elementary library next year. I can’t wait to see more posts about this (and maybe some makerspace products/task cards on TPT?) Also interested in hearing details on your 5 year plan!

    3. I’m so excited about setting up Maker Spaces in my library next year! One of the elementary libraries in our district already does this, and I’ve asked her to meet with me this summer so I can start planning! Thanks for the great ideas, and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you!

    4. I love looking at all your ideas. I am really interested in this. Can you add me to your pintrest board please. 2palstravel

    5. Very interested in adding Library MKer Space to my library centers next year. Plz. add me to your Pinterest Board.

    6. Ninabean35…I would LOVE to follow you! I am in the process of setting up centers in my library. I love the idea of Maker Spaces, too! Thanks!

    7. I’m heading into my final year of teaching (#35!) but always want to try new ideas. Have been looking at Centers but also like the ideas for MakerSpaces. Please add me to your board: belbe


      1. Jump on in, Brenda! The water’s fine! Make your maker space fit YOUR school and students. Any steps you take to allow students to create will help them!

    8. Cari,
      Last school year we tried to start a maker space area in our high school library. Your information is definitely the most exciting. Please keep me in the loop so we can build and awesome area.

    9. You say you will keep library centers AND add MakerSpaces. They go to library centers after checkout. When will they go to Maker Spaces? What will be the difference?

      1. Good question, Delaine! I will convert at least half of my library centers to makerspaces. Students can choose either a library center or a makerspace after they check out their books. In a makerspace, they’ll have an open-ended activity to create something. In library centers, the outcome is directed by me. For example, building with magnetic blocks is a makerspace. Estimate the goldfish crackers in the bowl is a center. Does that make sense?

    10. I am a Resource Management Associate, new title but still Media Tech Assistant in an elementary school library. One third of my library I have dedicated to a new maker space that is crying out for ideas to get the teachers involved. Please add me to your board. I love the enthusiasm!


    11. I am going to have a Maker Space in my library next year and need all the ideas I can get! Please add me to your Board!
      Angela Tausend Fincher

    12. I am an elementary librarian in Pennsylvania grades k-6. I am looking to start makerspaces in the library.

    13. Hi Cari!
      I’ve been a follower for a few years! You have GREAT ideas! I’m just returning to the library after staying home with my last little for four years. I’ve been recruited to start a fully integrated makerspaces library (incorporating all subjects and of course, literacy!) and am SOOOOOO excited! I just have to formulate a plan. (THE BIG PART!) I’ve love to collaborate. I’m in Dallas (not too far from you!)

    14. Please add me! I am doing Makerspaces in my library on Tuesdays so that teachers can collaborate. I’ll explain more later. Would love to exchange ideas😊 Amy Allen

    15. Please add me, JoAnne Williamson. I am trying to learn as much as possible about having a makerspace that is good for elementary kids and tied to the curriculum.
      Thank you

    16. Hi.
      My name is Nimisha Chotai -Patel can you add me to your pinterest board .
      How do manage the number of students that come,when they come and how long?

    17. Thank you for adding yet another to your MakerSpace Board! I am a first year teacher librarian!! Loving every minute of it!

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