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Hi, friends! Stressed about what to teach next? I know that sometimes we get stuck and need some virtual collaboration to help jump start our lesson planning. Check out these links to free library lesson plans, to help you teach your library learners!

Helpful Hint for Free Library Lesson Plans

Before I share the links, I need to share this helpful hint. I know this sounds like strange advice in our digital age, but if you see library lesson plans that are helpful to you, PRINT them and SAVE them! These websites that I’ve checked today could be gone tomorrow.

The Book Bug

Jo Nase, at the Book Bug blog, has published her scope and sequence for the past several years here on her freebies page. You can see which books she reads to her students and what her lesson focus is each week.

elementary school library lessons

Powell County Schools

Powell County, Kentucky has posted their library lesson plans for kindergarten through fifth grade at this link. Use the navigation menu on the left to click on different grade levels. Each lesson is displayed in a paragraph, with links.

Elementary library lesson plans

Utah Education Network

The Utah Education Network links to detailed Library Lesson Plans for Grades K-5 and Grades 6-12. These resources are in list form, rather than a scope and sequence for the year.

Utah Elementary Library Lessons

Nemo Vista K-8 Library Lesson Plans

Librarian Lindsey Ketchum posted her weekly K-8 lesson plans here, with her learning standards, objectives, and activities. Here’s a look at a sample day.

Elementary Library Lesson Plans

Midway Elementary School

Karen Buehler at Midway Elementary School in Kingston, Tennessee shares her library lesson plans here, in bullet list format. Here’s an example of what they look like.

Elementary library lesson plans

Franklin County, Virginia

Elementary library lessons are organized by subject, not by date, here on the Franklin County Public Schools Library Media page. You can find lessons for specific books and topics, like the sample below.

Elementary library lesson plans

Lyons, Nebraska

Elementary library lesson plans often include technology instruction, like these lesson plans posted for the Lyons-Decatur Northeast Library in Nebraska.

Flemington, New Jersey

Flemington, New Jersey has posted their 56-page library curriculum here. Although their document does not detail specific lesson plans, it does provide an overview of what to teach when. This could help you as you plan your scope and sequence for the year. The picture below will give you an idea of what this curriculum looks like.New Jersey library curriculum

Council Rock, Pennsylvania

The Council Rock School District provides a K-12 curriculum overview here. This can help you plan your school year and make sure you are not forgetting important library lessons for your students. Here’s what that looks like.

Pennsylvania school library curriculum

White Hall, Arkansas

Jaynie Cannon of Taylor Elementary in White Hall, Arkansas shares her weekly library lesson plans here. Her plans are detailed and standards-based, as you can see from this picture.

Thank You

Finally, thank you to all of the elementary school librarians who are so generously sharing their plans online! You are helping people you may never meet or know about, and we are grateful to you.

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    1. I will be subbing as a high school librarian ( grades 9-12). Many of the resources here are for younger students. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks~!

    2. Dear Ms. Cari White,

      I ‘m a beginner as teacher librarian, and slightly confuse how to start with my young student, and currently (desperately in need) looking for a simple (and free) lesson plan that I can adopt for my elementary student. I Found you blog, and helps a lot. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge in library especially in teaching library lesson 🙂 wish me luck 🙂

    3. It looks as if Shelby County Schools Library Curriculum is now password protected. Do you have a copy of these documents you could send out?

      1. Hi, Wendy! I’m sorry that I don’t have the download to share with you. I believe the documents were online only, so I just printed them.
        You could try emailing them to see if they would make them available again.

      2. Wendy, did they share with you? I emailed the curriculum and instruction director and asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing, hoping they do!

    4. Hi! I see the Powell County, Kentucky resource is unavailable when I click the link. Are you able to update this link?

    5. Hi!

      I was really wanting to see Lyons, Nebraska’s school library curriculum but the link no longer works. Is there a way to get this again? I am a librarian in Nebraska and would really like to see it.

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