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Have you tried dressing up your library barcode scanner in a costume? You can add a touch of whimsy to your check-in and check-out with this fun idea!

barcode scanner with sombrero

This simple change has brought so many smiles to our school library. I just had to share it with you! I’ve added links to the specific products we used so that you can share the fun in YOUR library.

First, a Face

It all started with the wiggly eyes. And the pom pom nose. We have plenty of craft supplies in our library, and it was easy to add eyes and a colorful nose to the scanner so that it has a little face.

We were worried that a hot glue gun might damage the electrical wiring inside the scanner, so we used these adhesive glue dots to attach the eyes and nose.


(This post contains Amazon affiliate links that pay me a few cents to keep writing blog posts, at no extra cost to you.)

I use these glue dots all over the library and they hold really well. The wiggly eyes and pom pom nose have stayed on my scanner (with thousands of student interactions) for several months….so far!

I’ve heard from other librarians who put the eyes and nose on the scanner stand, instead of the scanner itself. You can try both to see which way you like better.

Elf Hat and Reindeer Antlers

For December, we added elf hats and reindeer antlers to our two barcode scanners, by buying these small pet hats.


They both attach with a Velcro strap to the handle of the scanner.

Once the hat/antlers are strapped on with Velcro, it’s easier to leave the scanner in the stand, rather than detaching it. But why would you even want to detach it, when it’s so much fun to scan books with an elf? Or a reindeer?

Bunny Ears

April showers bring…bunny ears!


Your scanner can look like a cute little rabbit with these ears designed for a little cat. Again, the band has a Velcro closure to wrap around the scanner’s handle.

Rabbit Hole Warning

I’ve gotta warn you–once you start searching “dog hats” or “cat hats” on Amazon, you are gonna find allllllll kinds of cuteness!

You may get distracted by grumpy cat faces, too. My next two scanner fashion purchases are the pumpkin for fall and a flowery summer hat!


What’s Your Scanner’s Name?

Now that your scanner has a face, you can give it a name, too. Señor Scanner (like ours), or Mr. Scansalot (like Janett R. of Utah)? From the side view below, you can see how we stretch the elastic chin strap across the handle. We also added a pipe cleaner mustache. You can add personality to your scanner, too.

Scanner wearing sombrero

Thanks to Barbara R. for sharing on my Library Learners Facebook page how she explains to her younger students that the scanner eyes need to “read” the barcode on the library books! Once your scanner has a face and a name, you can train your students to help it “read” book barcodes!

Have You Dressed Up Your Scanner?

If you’ve dressed up YOUR library scanner,  I’d love to see pictures! Please share them in our Learning Librarians Facebook group!



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    1. Mine is Pierre Book – say it with a French accent!!! Lol he has a big mustache. I keep talking about hats ect. Maybe next year now that I know where to get some. Thanks!! 😜

    2. Awesome idea. I have already attached eyes and a pom pom nose! We will see what the students say tomorrow!

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