100th Day of School in the Library

Hi, friends! How do you celebrate your 100th day in the library? Here are some great ideas for celebrating this special day at your school!

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Books to Read on the 100th Day

Reading a picture book with your students is a marvelous way to celebrate the 100th day of school. Here are a few of my favorites!

100th Day Worries:  
Jessica worries about which 100 things she should bring for the 100th day of school. You can discuss both the 100th day and worrying (social-emotional learning!) with your students.

The Night Before the 100th Day of School:  This is part of Natasha Wing’s fun “The Night Before” holiday series, with rhyming stories about the eve of big days. This title also ties in with the traditional “bring 100 things” project, but things start to go wrong when he shows off his 100 ants in class!

The Wolf’s Chicken Stew This title was suggested in our Learning Librarians Facebook group. You may remember that the hungry wolf made 100 pancakes, 100 doughnuts, a 100-pound cake, and got 100 kisses from the little chicks! It turns out that he wanted 100 new friends more than he wanted chicken stew!

Follow The Moon Home: A Tale of One Idea, Twenty Kids, and A Hundred Sea TurtlesLooking for a non-fiction, science read-aloud for the 100th day of school? Your students will learn that they can make a difference when you read about how Vivienne and her friends helped one hundred baby loggerhead sea turtles. The number 100 is not discussed or counted in the book, only in the title.

One Hundred Hungry Ants:  The hundred ants divide into groups as they march to a picnic. If you have plastic bugs, you could set up a center to have students regroup the bugs, like the characters in the book.

Make a Stack 100 Books Tall

100th day of school book stack
This is what 100 picture books looks like!

Thanks to Amy Wilson, Librarian at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, for sharing in our Learning Librarians Facebook group that she stacks 100 picture books for her students to see. Others have made 10 stacks of 10 books, or stacked 25 books, then 50, then 75, then 100, for students to compare the stacks.

100 Things I Don’t Want

If you’ve already bought my Butcher Paper Library Centers, you know that on the 100th day of school, I ask students what item they would like to have 100 of, and what they would NOT like to have 100 of. It’s a fun writing prompt and generates creative thinking and gratitude for things we’re happy NOT to have!

100th day of school library center

100 Makerspace Items

Let your students create with 100 makerspace items. For example, set up one table with 100 Keva planks, one with 100 plastic cups to stack, another with 100 MagnaTiles, another with 100 Legos.

100th day of school makerspaces

Plastic cups are inexpensive, but a favorite building tool in our library!

100th day bookmark freebie

I designed some special 100th day bookmarks for you and your students to color at one of your library centers. Click here to download them for free from my TPT store!

100th day of school bookmarks

I hope that you and your students have fun learning on the 100th day of school and every day! If you have a special way to celebrate, share it in a comment!

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