Printable Bookmarks with Answers

Are there questions that you answer over and over all day long? Create a bookmark in Word (four column table in landscape) or Publisher (text blocks) with the question and answer. Have it ready for the student who needs help at the same time that your check-out line is stretching on to infinity.
For example, I get asked all day long if any of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are in. They never are. I can hand out a bookmark with Wimpy Kid read-alikes, so that they are not completely stumped.
Other popular questions are “Where are all the scary books?” and “Where are all the funny books?” If you have the titles and call numbers already listed on a bookmark, you can hand the student the bookmark. He can find the books himself or maybe enlist a friend to help.
Now you can get back to that loooooong checkout line. You know, the one where the boy at the front is drumming on your desk, and the girl right behind him keeps coughing on the book she’s about to hand you!

Sad Chapter Books

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