December Library Decorations

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Are you decorating your library for December holidays? I love to create a colorful, inviting space for our school family! Here’s what I do.

Choose an inclusive theme.

We chose a “sweets” theme, because it includes every holiday, as well as the students who don’t celebrate any holiday. Our decorations are colorful and bright and special for December, but they aren’t specific to any one religion.


Use what you have.

We need big decorations to be the right size for our large space, but big decorations are expensive! I borrowed playground balls from our PE coaches, wrapped them in iridescent paper from the craft store, and they look like giant candy pieces!

Christmas Candy Decorations

Wrapping paper is your friend.

Gift wrap is cheap and colorful. To me, it’s a quick, inexpensive way to cover your door with a design that matches your theme. I found this bright peppermint stripe at Target.

Peppermint Library Doors

Create cozy reading nooks.

Of course, we want our students to love READING in the library, so we always create a cozy fireplace reading nook. Our students love to sit together by the “fireplace” (tissue paper and twinkle lights in the lid of a copy paper box) and read the books they’ve checked out.

Christmas Library FireplaceYou can buy this brick looking paper at your local teacher supply store. We bricked over one section of our bookshelves, scooting books to either side to make room.

Don’t make extra work for yourself.

I keep my bulletin board background (black fabric) and border (Bordette Scalloped border) the same on my gi-normous bulletin board all year long. It takes a loooooong time to put that up at the beginning of the year.

I started this school year with an emoji bulletin board. It took me about 10 minutes to pull that down. Next up, one of my favorite quotes: A book is a gift you can open again and again.

library bulletin board

I found huge silver bows at Target for $5 each, and I painted the letters to make them pop against the butcher paper “ribbon.”

Add to your theme over time.

I use this theme every other year for our holiday decorations. So, we’ve added time-consuming craft projects gradually over time, like this lollipop made from book covers.Library Lollipop

I’ve been able to buy big decorations at Hobby Lobby for half price. This gingerbread house reminds me of a Dr. Seuss illustration!

Library Gingerbread House

I love spending time in our library at any time of year, but especially in this colorful holiday season! I’d love to hear from you in a comment about how YOU decorate YOUR school library!

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