Encourage your Library Campers to Read S’more

Hi friends!

Are you hosting a happy camper Scholastic Book Fair this spring? I am, and I’ve got a library center set up already!

Scholastic Book Fair center

I love bulletin boards that incorporate student book recommendations! Students at this center will trace around their hand on a red, orange, or yellow half sheet of paper. Then they’ll write the title of a book they love on the palm of the handprint.

I’ll take those red, orange, and yellow handprints and use them to create a campfire on our big bulletin board. When students look at the fire, they’ll see books they might like to check out and read!

Here’s the sign you can use for yourself! It’s a Google Doc, so you’ll need to make a copy of my document to edit it.

read smore books sign

What other supplies will you need? Scissors, markers, and red. orange, and yellow paper, cut into half sheets.  I made an example handprint and taped it on the “I Can” sign.

Scholastic Book Fair bulletin board

I made logs from butcher paper, sticks from twisted butcher paper, and started adding the flame handprints as students completed them. I made white paper marshmallows, and I made a big butcher paper sign that said “Let’s read s’more!”

Scholastic Book Fair bulletin board

I wish I was better at making paper logs, but I do love our camp fire bulletin board! And if you look closely, you can see lots of book recommendations! See?

Reading Handprints

More Book Fair Camping Fun in our Library

Here are some other decorations and centers that I’ve added for our happy camper Scholastic book fair:

I’m covering our walls with this vinyl Enchanted Forest backdrop from Oriental Trading. It’s 4 feet tall by 30 feet long. It makes our library look like a woodsy forest with fireflies twinkling all around us!

Camping Forest Backdrop

When I was at a national park this fall, I found this Animal Tracks Matching Game. This will be one of our library centers for the next couple of weeks, leading up to the book fair.

Animal Tracks Matching Game

I found this cute camping puzzle on Amazon. Our students have had fun working on it this week! (Here’s my puzzle center sign, if you’d like to download this pdf for your own school library.)

Camping Puzzle

I’ve decorated our shelves with small, artificial evergreen trees (formerly known as Christmas trees). And I’ve brought back our buddy reading tent, that I originally posted about here!

We’re having lots of fun with this camping theme. How about you? I’d love to hear about your ideas in a comment!

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    1. Thanks for the idea! The kids loved doing this! The teachers were very impressed with my bulletin board. I told them that I can’t take the credit for it because I got the idea from your website.

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