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I don’t know about you, but I spend time almost every day on Pinterest. I love it! I gather new ideas for my school library, for books and lessons and decorations and centers, and I’m energized by the possibilities shared there. Now that I have an iPhone, I can Pin while waiting in line or during TV commercials.

Today I found this article by Kate Messner (award-winning author who will be visiting my library next month–hooray!) on how librarians can use Pinterest in school. An eye-opener!

I didn’t even realize that many kidlit authors create book idea boards on Pinterest as part of their writing process. Wow! Wouldn’t that be fun to share with your students? In her article, Kate has a list of authors on Pinterest, plus other ways to use Pinterest with your students.

I encourage you to take some time to read through this article AND the linked articles. You’ll find great ideas to make your library instruction more Pinterest-ing!

So now I’m wondering, how do YOU use Pinterest in your school library? Is it blocked on your campus?

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    1. Thankfully Pinterest is not blocked for teachers in my district. I spent way too much time on it this summer so I now have an idea warehouse at my disposal as I create lessons , centers, bulletin boards and new signage for my library. Right now Pinterest is just a professional resource for me, but as it catches on more with the students, I will use it more in the classroom as a book advertising and collaboration tool. We are so lucky to be working in a profession that shares and collaborates so much!

      1. Amy, I’ve been using Pinterest as an idea warehouse, too. I love it! But now I want to look at the authors’ idea warehouses and share those with my students.
        I agree–I love the sharing and collaboration in our school librarian community! Thanks for your comment.

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