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Have you had your hundredth (100th) day of school this year? Ours hits on Wednesday, February 3. I’ll be gone at #tcea16, (our Texas technology educators conference), but I wanted to share some celebration ideas with you before I pack my suitcase!

Printable 100th Day Bookmarks

I created these 100th day bookmarks (freebie) for you to print, copy, chop up on the paper cutter, and share for your students to color.

free 100th day bookmarks printable

You can grab this download for free in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I Wish I Had 100…

In the past, I’ve put lengths of butcher paper (or chart paper) with markers at two different centers. At the top of one, I wrote, “I Wish I had 100…”

Students wrote items that they wish they have 100 of.

On the other piece of butcher paper, I wrote, ” I would NOT want 100…” and students wrote items that they would not like to have 100 of.

It was fun, and a great writing prompt! You can display the finished work in your library, so students can see what others thought.

Roll and Stamp 100 Ice Cream Cones

You could use this free ice cream cone printable, or a printable hundred chart, and have your students roll a dice and stamp out the number they roll, until they cover up 100 spots! They can either mark the spots with bingo markers or cover them with pom poms.

100th day of school ice cream printable

SMART board version: display a hundred chart on your SMART board. Have 2 students choose their own stamp and take turns, rolling and covering numbers with the stamps built into the SMART Notebook software. Who will get to cover the 100 place? Winner plays the next student in line!

100 Days Shape Graph

Here’s another math activity for the hundredth day of school.

100th Day of School Graph

Students will create a bar graph by counting the shapes in the “100” number! Another free printable 100th day center!

How will YOU celebrate the 100th day of school? Please share in a comment!

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