School Library Decorations for October

Hi friends!

How do you decorate your school library for October and Autumn? My favorite decorations are student work!

School Library Decorations

On the Friday before Columbus Day weekend, I send home this flyer (free to download from my TPT store). This is a fun project for families to make together!

Storybook Pumpkin Patch

I cover the tops of our book shelves with green butcher paper. And our story book pumpkin patch grows! Students bring in their pumpkins, painted to look like a favorite character, and our shelves are filled with colorful, literary decorations.

When the students pick up their pumpkins from the library, I give them a spirit stick from Spirit Monkey to thank them for their participation.

This is a fun tradition at our school, and I encourage you to give it a try in your library!

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    1. Our kids create “scary” drawings that we hang around the library along with other things that we get from Michaels. They love it!! We also have some pretty cool mats and scary movie posters that we’ll have them put up with us. The activity makes it fun.

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