Assess Learning at School Library Centers

Hi friends! Thanks for tripling my blog traffic yesterday! You are so awesome!!
I found something for us that is NOT a center, but it will help us reflect on our library centers and their effectiveness.
Check out the exit slip I just found:

MsJordanReads from Buffalo, New York created this as a free download in her TPT store.
You can use this to check your students’ understanding after you’ve taught a lesson or after they’ve participated in a center.
You create a question, and students take a minute or two to answer it on this paper. They have to hand it to you as their “ticket out the door.” This informal assessment lets you reflect on your instruction, and adapt it to be more effective. No bubbles to color in!
This is definitely something I need to add to my lesson plans. So, tell us, how do you assess your students’ learning?

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    1. Love the cute tickets! I always have an exit slip idea on my lesson plan, but I run long too often & don’t leave enough time for it. I do lots of group responses (thumbs up/down, multiple choice with 1-4 fingers, whiteboards, etc.). When I get ambitious & can get in the lab, I like using google forms for a more formal assessment.

    2. Ohhhh, Google forms, that’s a good idea! Saves paper, and it organizes the responses for you. I could use that to get feedback from teachers on lessons we teach together. Thanks for sharing your good ideas, Rebecca D.!

    3. I love the idea of using Google Forms! My 5th graders are using GoogleDocs so that would fit in perfectly. I use printed exit tickets, sticky note exit tickets (the kid love writing on fun sticky notes), and I just tried using Wallwisher for online sticky notes.

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