Silly Sentences Library Center

Here is a silly sentences center that combines writing with rolling dice. You know that’s gotta be fun! And look at the way the materials fit into a small container on a table.

First Grade Parade shared this lively idea.
She made six envelopes, numbered 1-6, with several adjectives inside each envelope.
A seventh envelope has several sentences inside it (plain sentences, without adjectives). The students choose a sentence.
Next, they roll a die, then choose two adjectives from the envelope that matches the number on the die. For example, if they roll a 2, they use envelope #2.
They re-write the sentence on a silly sentence paper, fitting the adjectives into the sentence,  and illustrate it. The goal is to make silly sentences, with silly illustrations. They’re practicing sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling at this fun library center.
The sentences, adjectives, and silly sentence papers are all available as a free download from First Grade Parade. Enjoy!

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