Library Centers from the Book Fair

Hi friends!

I’m in the midst of our Scholastic Book Fair, and I’ve pulled items for library centers from our inventory!

First, I’ve pulled all of the 3-D books we’re selling. Like this one.

3D Books Library Center

Of course, those little paper 3-D glasses are way too flimsy to survive a day in the elementary school library! I bought plastic red and blue 3-D glasses on Amazon for $2.75 a pair. I have four pair, and I just add new 3-D books from each book fair. So I can have a 3-D book reading center, and rotate the books in it.

This book fair also features some shark puppets, that will make a great center to act out the shark books in the book fair, like Nugget & Fang, or Clark the Shark.

sharks books and puppets
Our book fair also has puppets that look like Frog and Toad! We LOVE Frog and Toad! These puppets will be a center with Frog and Toad books! (I think the green puppet looks like Frog, and the yellow-ish one looks like Toad.)

frog toad puppets
But wait! There’s more! In our book fair inventory, we got a box of plush book character puppets! Fly Guy, Llama Llama, Skippyjon Jones, Rocket, and Pete the Cat! So I can have a puppet and picture books center that changes every week for the rest of the school year! (Could we mix and match the puppets? Is that puppet-smashing, like app-smashing?)

IMG_4462 2
I love the book fair (even though it completely exhausts me)! I can’t get enough of the delight I see when the students walk (or run or skip) in to the book fair, and their smiles when they walk out with a bag of new books.

If you have a Scholastic book fair this spring, do a little library centers shopping for yourself! And leave a comment telling us what you found!

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    1. Thank you for sharing these great ideas. I also have some library centers of things I picked up from Amazon. We have a magnet word center… that we use on the side of the filing cabinet… one set has thesaurus words… one has parts of speech, one is in English and Spanish and the newest one is Scrabble letters…. We also bought Jenga for BookLovers…

    2. We are having the book fair at our school this week also. Unfortunately school has been out since February 13th so….I may be the only one buying anything.
      Great ideas though.

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