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Hi friends!

Happy new year! Are you ready to learn together in a virtual book club?


The book is Reading Picture Books with Children: How to Shake Up Storytime and Get Kids Talking About What They See, by Megan Dowd Lambert, in association with The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Let’s read this book together in a virtual book club here and talk about it! I received my copy for Christmas, but you can purchase yours here, if you’d like: Reading Picture Books with Children: How to Shake Up Storytime and Get Kids Talking about What They See. (This is an Amazon affiliate link, which means that I will receive 62 cents if you purchase the book by clicking on the link.)

Video Introduction

Here’s a video example from the publisher.

After watching the video, I can see several differences between her storytime and mine. I look forward to upping my storytime game, to encourage more library learning, AND to hearing your thoughts and ideas about this book.

Book Club Schedule

Most of the chapters are about 10 pages long, so I think we can read a chapter every two weeks, try her ideas out with our students, and still finish the book during our spring semester at school. Here’s the schedule for our book club:

Front Matter and Chapter 1: Friday, January 20

Chapter 2: Friday, February 3

Chapter 3: Friday, February 17

Chapter 4: Friday, March 3

Chapter 5: Friday, March 17

Chapter 6: Friday, March 31

Chapter 7: Friday, April 14

Chapter 8 and Conclusion: Friday, April 28

I’ll post on those dates, and you can comment on the post, so that our discussion stays together in one place. I look forward to reading with you! The collaboration and accountability of an online book club help me to learn more and to stay on track with my reading.

Happy 2017! Here’s to a year filled with library learning!

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    1. Great idea! I purchased this for our professional collection this summer, but hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. Maybe this will help me actually get to it!

    2. I purchased this book a few months ago and put it on my bookcase of “to be read”. I am happy to have an incentive to pull it out and collaborate with other librarians and teachers! I am looking forward to our online discussions!

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a hefty “to be read” stack, Lisa! It will be great to read this book together!

    3. Count me in! I discovered this book at a bookstore recently and got myself a copy, but haven’t read it yet. Ditto to Lisa’s comments!

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