Spring Kites in your School Library

Hi, friends! I was browsing through my past blog posts for inspiration, and I found a spring kites bulletin board I created a few years ago.

kite in sky and text

I started thinking about a spring kites theme to share with you (and set up for my students)!

Kites with Frog and Toad

I love to share the Kite story from Days with Frog and Toad. Then students can talk or write about a time when something was hard (like flying a kite) and they had to keep trying. There’s a TPT freebie that will give you a kite printable for students to write on. The student writing can then be added to your kite bulletin board!

Decorate a Kite

Super simple spring center! Let students use colors, stickers or 3-dimensional items to decorate a paper kite shape (link to free printable).

kite shape to decorate

Make an Origami Kite

Your students can make an origami kite to use as a bookmark. Just print these instructions, and place colorful paper at the table. This is a great way to share any excess scrapbook paper you might have around the house! Cut the paper into squares first, if you don’t want to supply scissors and a trash can for scraps.

There are just a few simple steps. Most students should be able to complete this origami kite successfully.

origami kite folding instructions

Kite Books to Read Aloud

Check out these titles to read aloud for your spring kite theme.

kite flying book cover with girl and kite
Kite Flying by Grace Lin

We love Kite Flying by Grace Lin! An Asian family goes to the store, buys supplies for a kite, and works together to make and fly the kite. A great message about creativity and working together as a family!

Let’s Fly a Kite by Stuart Murphy

Let’s Fly a Kite by Stuart Murphy uses symmetry to solve sibling disagreements about how to divide things evenly. You could follow this story with a drawing activity. Either your students can draw symmetrical kites, or you could create one together on an anchor chart!

King for a Day by Rukhsana Kahn

Give your students a taste of Pakistani culture and a protagonist in a wheelchair with this picture book. He defeats the bully and shows kindness to others, making this a great read-aloud for social-emotional learning, too.

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

You must share Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers, with your students! They will giggle as Floyd throws one crazy object after another into the tree trying to get his kite un-stuck. After reading this together, my students enjoy drawing themselves throwing a crazy object of their choice at a kite in a tree.

Spring Kites Bulletin Board

And here’s a picture of the bulletin board that prompted this blog post. I’ll be re-creating this next week in our elementary school library. I’ll make a quick stop at the dollar store to grab some colorful kites. Then, I’ll draw the rest on butcher paper. I truly believe that reading helps our students soar!

Let us know with a comment about your favorite kite book or activity!

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