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Hi friends!

Last week at ipadpalooza I learned about a new app that I can’t wait to use in a research project next year. The app is called Mad Lips.

Of course I will be using the free version.

When you look at the icon, it doesn’t really look like something you want to use in school, does it?

Here’s the deal. You start with any image. Then you film your student (using the iPad camera) talking. Then the app puts the student’s mouth and voice over the still photo to create a video.

Have you seen the Annoying Orange videos? Where the orange has a moving mouth that talks? That’s what this app can do. Here’s what I hope to do with it next year.

My third grade teachers told me at the end of last year that they’d like to have a living history museum for their research project. I’m hoping that I can talk them into having the students create something like this.

They can research their famous person, find an image of that person, then video themselves speaking as if they were that famous person. I like the catchy opening used in this one about Vivaldi.

Then we can create a QR code bulletin board, or post these online, and share the students’ work with their families. I think this will be a fun way to incorporate technology into our biography research project in a way that will help the students really connect with the person they research.

Have any of you tried this app with your students?

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    1. We are constantly amazed by the passion and creativity of both teachers and students. We had no idea that Mad Lips would find a home in education apps and we are so happy and honored that it did. Thank you.

      Mike Dias with Affective Apps, creators of Mad Lips

    2. Cari,

      What an awesome app! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! I love your idea and my brain is sparking with other ways to incorporate the app as a way for students to share their knowledge of people and concepts. So excited!

      – Matthew

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