Emoji Pop Art Library Center

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I found a fun emoji pop art center on TPT, and my students are loving it!

Emoji Pop Art Library Centers

I don’t even remember how I found it, but I’m glad I did! This printable has emojis divided into parts that your students can either color or add pattern to, then color. I had a blast coloring one as an example for the center!

emoji pop art library center

I added these instructions to the sign:

  • I can take one paper.
  • I can draw designs with markers.
  • I can color my designs with crayons.
  • I can take it with me to finish later.

An educational part of this product is the page that explains the history of emojis. I printed this and put it in the sign holder on the reverse side of the “I can” statements. Did you know that the word “emojis” has nothing to do with emotion? I didn’t.

I’ve had this center set up for a few days, and it tends to fill all six seats and an overflow table. It’s especially popular with my graphic novel fans.

emoji pop art library centers

This is not a freebie, it cost me $4, but I was happy to pay for this product that provides my students with the opportunity to flex their artistic muscles, get creative, and learn a little more about emojis. There are several emoji pop art pictures included, so I’ll probably bring it back out once a month or so.

Here’s the link to this product on TPT. I’m not being compensated in any way for this post–just sharing a good find with you!

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