Free Bookmarks for School Librarians

free bookmarks with hands coloring and colored pencils

Where can school librarians get free bookmarks? This question was asked recently in our Learning Librarians Facebook group, and our helpful group shared many resources for free bookmarks to share with your students.

I believe that it is important for us as school librarians to provide bookmarks to our school community, both to add colorful joy to reading and to teach students the practical skill of how to use a bookmark.

Free Bookmarks from your Community

Book pages cut up into free bookmarks
  • Cut up pages from damaged books that you are discarding, especially graphic novels.
  • Cut up bulletin board border, especially those scraps that are too short to use.
  • Cut up scrapbook paper. You may find parents or teachers who have a stash of scrapbook paper to donate.
  • Cut up dust jackets from discarded books.
  • Cut up cereal boxes and soda boxes.
  • Cut up greeting cards, especially those you find on sale after the holiday.
free bookmarks from cut up cereal boxes like Trix
  • Use Scholastic Dollars from book fairs to purchase packs of bookmarks.
  • Design your own bookmarks with a free Canva account for educators.
  • Cut up blank card stock and let students make their own designs.
  • Ask a local paint store if you can have paint swatch strips. Many of them just toss the swatches for discontinued colors.
  • Ask your classroom teachers for unused index cards and paper play money.
  • Check with your local public library. They may have bookmarks promoting their library programs that they would love to share with your school community.

Free Printable Bookmarks from Illustrators & Publishers

Many illustrators, publishers, and book distributors share free printable bookmarks on their websites. Here are just a few. If you know of others, please post the links in a comment, and I’ll add them to this blog post.

More Free Bookmarks Online

free bookmark designs with animals
free bookmarks with color words word search

Printable Bookmarks from my TPT shop

Do you want bookmarks that you can print, copy and share any time you need them? Bookmarks make a great library center where students can draw and color after they’ve checked out their library books. Take a look at these printable bookmarks in my TPT shop! They aren’t free, but once you purchase them, you can use them year after year with multiple grade levels.

I hope these bookmarks make reading even more fun for you and your students!


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