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Hi friends!

I don’t know about you, but my library books are falling apart faster every day. Teachers are letting students take their library books into the lunch room, dogs are chewing covers, and backpack accidents are happening constantly.

And then there’s the mystery…who did the damage? We check in several hundred books a day, and we don’t have time to inspect each one as we check it in.

And book repair? Not my favorite librarian activity!

Today’s Friday Freebie is a cute book hospital sign for you to print.

This graphic is a free download from The Imaginative Teacher.

I will print this, laminate it, and put it on a plastic tub at the check-out desk. I’ll add some little sticky notes to mark the damaged spot.

I hope that if students have an easy way to show me which books are damaged (without waiting in the long checkout line), maybe we can get these books back in shape. It could happen!

If you have any nifty ideas for keeping your library books in good repair, please share them in a comment!

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