Library Freebie Friday Shelve It Game

Hi friends!

Do you already know about the great (free) online game Mrs. Lodge shared, called “Shelve-It?”

Right now your students can play Shelve-It from Mrs. Lodge’s website. Her clever husband created this game to help students understand fiction call number order. My fingers are crossed that this game makes it to the App Store someday!

You can use this free sign from her TPT shop to set this learning game up as a library center.

I am planning to add this as a link from our library resources page. My students definitely need more practice in learning how to find books on the shelves. And “video game” is a language they speak fluently.

I hope this free game and sign will help YOUR students find great books to read!

(By the way, you may have noticed that today is actually NOT Friday. On Friday, I was busy watching my baby graduate from high school. sniff, sniff. I’m super proud of him and his plans to study commercial music at South Plains College. I could not think about anything else for the past few days!)

I hope all is well in your library, as we countdown to summer!

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    1. I have used Shelve-It! from Mrs. Lodge and my students love it! I was so diappointed when The University of Texas took their Dewey game “Order in the Library” offline and was thrilled to see Mrs. Lodge’s version. I am hoping to see her add Dewey Decimal numbers to it soon. When I used Shelve-It! with my students, I used it as a whole group activity on the SMARTboard. Thanks to your site, I started using centers in my library this year and the students really enjoyed them. I am excited to print out the free center sign and use Shelve-It! as a center next year. Thank you for all your great ideas!

    2. I played the Shelve-It game with second graders, dividing them up into teams, and letting them choose the level of points they wanted to earn for their team. It was a huge hit!

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