30 Delightful Reading Dress Up Days

Hi, friends! Do you want to celebrate reading dress up days at your school? Here are some great ideas from the Learning Librarians Facebook group! Pick and choose those that work for YOUR school community!

As you know, many elementary schools enjoy having dress up days to celebrate Read Across America and Children’s Book Week and other special literacy occasions. Check out these wonderful costume suggestions!

  1. Wear mismatched socks to celebrate how our differences make us unique.
  2. Wear your favorite musical or band T-shirt to celebrate that our voices are better when they’re together.
  3. Wear tie-dye or a color that makes you happy to celebrate how books brighten our world.
  4. Dress as your favorite book character.
  5. Wear something that shows your culture to celebrate diversity in books.
  6. Wear a silly outfit, and read a silly story.
  7. Dress like a famous American, and read a book about them.
  8. Wear something from your favorite sports team, and read about an influential athlete.
  9. Wear something from a different place, and read a book about that place.
  10. Wear your favorite color, and read a book about kindness.
  11. Wear something with words on it.
  12. Wear your pajamas, and dream of a good book.
  13. Wear your pajamas, and cozy up to a good book.
  14. Wear a hat for hats off to reading.
  15. Wear your school spirit shirt because our school loves to read.
  16. Wear work-out clothes because reading JOGS our minds.
  17. Wear your favorite colors so we become a rainbow of readers.
  18. Wear your favorite college gear or colors because reading makes our futures bright.
  19. Wear crazy socks, and read silly stories.
  20. Wear a team shirt, and read sport stories.
  21. Wear red, white and blue, and read diverse books.
  22. Wear pajamas, and read favorite books.
  23. Wear a book character costume or shirt, and read picture books.
  24. Wear an animal shirt or pattern because we are wild about reading.
  25. Wear bright colors or neon because reading makes us glow.
  26. Wear Hawaiian shirts and tourist clothes because reading takes us places.
  27. Wear superhero T-shirts or capes because reading is our superpower.
  28. Wear a shirt with a positive message because we positively love books.
  29. Dress up as your future career because reading can make your dreams come true.
  30. Dress up in your best picture day outfit, and picture yourself a reader.

What do you do for reading dress up days?

How does your school celebrate reading? Let us know in a comment!

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    1. I love how many ideas there are here! When I think of doing a library dress-up day, “dress as your favourite book character” day always comes to mind, and while this is fun, it can also be a bit more complicated having kids in full costumes all day. I like how simple some of these other ideas are, like wearing a shirt with words on it, or wearing silly socks while reading silly stories. I can imagine having these days more regularly, maybe even monthly, when the ideas are nice and simple like this. It might be fun to have a monthly library spirit day and if students choose to participate, they enter a draw and near the end of the year on the last spirit day a name is drawn to win a book or something. It seems like an exciting and fairly easy way to increase student engagement with the library.

      I am currently working towards becoming a teacher librarian, and ideas like these get me excited to get into my own library one day! Thank you for sharing this list, I will definitely look back on it as I begin my career as a teacher librarian.

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