S’More Tech Summer Camp, Day 13 (Infographics)

Hi campers!

It’s movie day at summer camp! Unfold your lawn chair, grab your popcorn and cold drink. Kick back and watch a movie that can help inform your library instruction.

We’re talking about infographics this week. Let’s take a few minutes (about 18) to think about the significance of infographics to the world that we (and our students) live in.

In this TED talk, David McCandless shows how datasets can change our mindsets and our behavior, the way we see our world. He makes a great case for the persuasive power of infographics.

So… what do you think? How did this talk impact you as a teacher-librarian?

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    1. Cari, thanks for sharing that TED talk. I was fascinated with David McCandless’ visuals and his viewpoint on data. I will need to watch this a few more times to really digest it all. Wonderful stuff!

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