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Reading Emoji Bulletin Board


Hi friends? Are you back at school? I’m back and I’ve built my emoji bulletin board for reading! I started by creating big letters that say “Reading is.” I drew mine freehand, but later I found this blog post about how to make giant bulletin board letters. I’ll use that PowerPoint trick next time! I […]

How to Get Ready for a TPT Sale!

TPT Sale

Hi friends! The big back-to-school sale on Teachers Pay Teachers is right around the corner! Yay! This is a great opportunity to get a sale price on amazing resources for your school library classroom. Here’s my advice to help you get ready.   Create Your Wish List before the TPT Sale Starts During the TPT […]

Emoji Book Talks

emoji pencils

Hi friends! Did any of you get to attend a Scholastic Reading Summit this summer? I did, and one of my biggest takeaways was the power of BOOK TALKS. Pour Your Heart Out In this slide you can see author Katherine Applegate’s delight as she hears a sixth grader talk about a teacher pouring his or […]

Reading in the Wild Chapter 5

Graphic Novels Support Readers

Hi friends! We’re on our last chapter of Reading in the Wild: Wild Readers Show Preferences. To me, this quote sums up what I need to take away from this chapter. My downfall? Goosebumps! I know that I turn up my nose just a little bit when a student checks out a Goosebumps book. Ick! How […]

Reading in the Wild Chapter 4

Reading in the Wild quote

Hi friends! Are you having a great summer? Are you making reading plans? Is your nightstand loaded with books, like mine (always) is? Chapter 4 of Reading in the Wild is all about how Wild Readers Have Reading Plans. What did you think about this chapter? Thoughts? Questions? Takeaways? Please share them on our Padlet […]