• Reading in the Wild Summer Book Club
  • Get Those Library Books Turned In!
  • Writing in Space Camp
  • Quick as a Cricket Simile Poems
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Reading in the Wild Summer Book Club

Library Learners Book Club

Hi friends! I really, really, really love the relaxed schedule of summer vacation! I’ve been staying up late to finish the books on my nightstand, sleeping in, and avoiding my phone alarm as much as possible. But… I also like to use the extra time to move forward professionally, and I invite you to join […]

Get Those Library Books Turned In!

Library Learners

Hi friends! The school year is over, and at our school of about 850 students, after checking out well over 40,000 books this year, only 40 library books have not yet made it home to their shelves. I’ve been working to get this number lower each year, and here’s what works for me! Build relationships with teachers all […]

Writing in Space Camp

Writing in Space Camp

Hi friends! I’ve had fun this week kicking off writing in space camp with our seven third grade classes! They were starting a science unit on space, and the teachers were ready to start copying worksheets. Our reading specialist and I jumped in to add a writing piece to their space unit, with a picture book twist. Here’s […]

Quick as a Cricket Simile Poems

Quick as a Cricket Poetry

Hi friends! I had a chance last week to work with first graders writing poetry and it was a great experience! We read the mentor text Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood, full of similes and colorful illustrations. We talked about the similes in the book, and then my first graders wrote their own simile […]

Packing Your Library

unpacked library boxes

Hi friends! Have you ever had the opportunity to box up every book in your school library? I did a few years ago, and I was recently asked about this process. I was lucky enough to get new carpet in our library, but every book shelf had to be moved out of the room so […]