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You know I’m a big fan of brain breaks (short, desk-side physical activity). Besides being fun, they are proven by research to promote learning. I found a new FREE website to make brain breaks even easier for us: GoNoodle.com!

GoNoodle features 3 types of brain breaks. In Airtime, as students do breathing exercises, it looks like they blow a bubble from their own state across America, reading post cards and learning about other states along the way. The “energize” brain breaks have the students doing sports activities, like running in place, with Olympic athletes to coach them. Maximo’s “focus” activities have the students stretching, then solving a hidden picture puzzle.

GoNoodle brain breaks
GoNoodle brain breaks

You can set up different classes in GoNoodle for your different library classes and different grade levels. Each class chooses their own “champ” or mascot. Their champ grows stronger and stranger each time the class completes 15 minutes of brain breaks.

Like this…

GoNoodle Brain Breaks

There’s a video introduction here.

After students finish an activity, they get a brain break as a reward. They’ll work for it!

We’ve needed this at our school after we’ve had indoor recess for several days in a row. Give GoNoodle a try, and let me know what you think!

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    1. Love this! I actually served on their educator panel when they were developing this product so I am so glad to see their success!

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