Maybe a Bear Ate It

Hi friends!

I just found a new favorite read-aloud! Today I read this great picture book, Maybe a Bear Ate It, to kindergarten and pre-K classes.

maybe-a-bear-ate-it-coverHow have I inventoried this book several times and never read it?

This book was a fun story with great (giggle-inducing) illustrations that made the kids laugh, applaud, and exclaim, “read it again!”

Not only that, but it’s got a great message about taking care of books! Wow! The creature on the front cover (is it a cat? or a dog?) loses his book in his messy room and wonders what might have happened to it. Maybe a bear ate it! Maybe an elephant fell asleep on it! Many possibilities, all silly.

After we read this story together, we learned the second verse of the Book Baby song, which is part of my big ole Book Baby unit I teach at the beginning of the year with kinder and preK.

The second verse, like the first, is sung to the tune of, “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.” It goes like this:

“I put my book in my backpack every day (clap, clap).

I put my book in my backpack every day (clap, clap).

I put my book in my backpack so it won’t get lost.

I put my book in my backpack every day (clap, clap).”

I teach our students to put their library books in their backpack every time they finish reading. Many of my students have very disorganized homes and parents. If they can develop this habit in preK and kindergarten, it will help them keep up with their school materials for years.

Anyway, it was time for a book care refresher, and this picture book made it fun for all of us! I highly recommend that you add it to your collection. But borrow it sooner, if you can. You’ll be glad you did!

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    1. Cari-My kinder-friends and I love this book, too! I downloaded your Book Baby unit at TpT, hoping to find the full song. Can you share the rest of the verses, please?


      1. Miss Henderson, I only have 2 verses. The first verse is in the Book Baby unit (“I treat my book like a baby every day…”) and the second was in my blog post (“I put my book in my backpack every day…”)
        Thanks for your comment!

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