Great Elementary Research Projects

Wow! I just finished reading a great book that I will tell you about soon (it’s Reading Is Our Business by Sharon Grimes, in case you can’t wait for my video review).
After reading about this amazing librarian, who created a reading workshop in her library, I checked out the website for her school district.


I’m sad that I can’t pin this to pinterest because there are no images on the Baltimore Public Schools page. Blog readers, please pass it on! I’ve put a graphic on this page, so we can re-pin this post to get the word out.
OK, enough gushing, here is the link:
Why do I love these research models?
  1. They include projects for all subjects, English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies (math? yes! math!)
  2. They have appropriate, challenging projects for grades 1-5.
  3. They focus on essential questions (as Jamie McKenzie advocates; important questions requiring authentic research).
  4. There are rubrics, checklists, organizers and other related documents, linked to the description of each project.
  5. They require higher level thinking skills, not just read and regurgitate in your own words. Students will create answers, instead of merely finding answers.
  6. They incorporate electronic resources.
  7. The final product is not a “report.” They show creative ways to present student learning!
If you are looking for a research project for your school library, check these out! Let me know what you think of them!
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    1. I LOVE this resource and have used it before. They’ve definitely got their stuff together when it comes to research projects in the library. Thanks for blogging about it. I’ll have to pass your post on to my BCPS colleagues!

    2. Yes, please pass on my appreciation to your BCPS colleagues! The projects are awesome, and your colleagues are great to share them with the rest of us!

    3. You can pin their site now. They have a picture. 🙂 Thanks for the info, Cari. I just bought your book at TLA and am looking forward to centering my library.

    4. Cari,

      Thanks for the information, but every time I open one of their PowerPoints it jams up my computer. Their PPT’s are not compatible with my computer but they do seem like a great resource.

      I would be interested in knowing if you have any other ideas for a research project for the 4th grade?

      Thank you.

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