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Are you already back in school? I’m lucky enough to have a few more days off. I’ll be back on Monday, January 7, and I will hit the ground running with third grade research projects. We have seven third grade classes at our school, and it’s a challenge to find enough time, books, and computers to get the project completed in two weeks! (I’m starting to break out in hives just thinking about it.)

We’ll be researching Rapid Changes to the Earth’s Surface (one of third grade’s science topics). Last year we researched the same subject, and the students created PowerPoints for their final project.

Because I’ve noticed that our students struggle with infographics, and because I’ve been reading I See What You Mean by Steve Moline, we will be creating charts for our final product this year, comparing two rapid changes.

You can see the project on my LibGuide here. I create a LibGuide for each research project so that teachers and students can go back to the instructions at any time.  I want the students to create their own charts from scratch, so they will understand how to interpret a chart that someone else creates. I’m verrrrrry interested to see how this goes.

What research projects are coming up at your school? Are you ready? Need help or suggestions? Post your questions in the Research Projects forum on our new Library Talk page!

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      1. Stacey, some of the librarians in our district have purchased this resource with their campus funds. One of the great features of LibGuides is that if someone else creates a great LibGuide, I can ask permission, copy it, then tweak it. I think it’s a super tool for collaboration with other librarians and with teachers!
        (Thanks for the comment!)

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