S’More Tech Summer Camp, Day 25 (Infographics)

Hi friends!

We’ve talked about infographics in our S’More Tech Summer Camp, emphasizing the technology for creating them. Today I ran across this review at A Year of Reading of I See What You Mean: Visual Literacy K-8 by Steve Moline.

Our students are processing visual information in non-fiction text every day, both in school and in real life. This book talks about the importance of having students CREATE infographics in order to increase their comprehension. The author says that merely labeling a graphic that someone else created is not sufficient.

This book includes simple diagrams, maps, analytic diagrams, process diagrams, structure diagrams, graphs and graphic design and discusses the difference between analytic diagrams and process diagrams.

Because I plan to include infographics in our research projects next year, I’m ordering this book. The blogger at AYear of Reading gave it a detailed, highly favorable review.  I think that understanding the concepts of visual literacy will help me to be a more effective teacher-librarian.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to iPads!

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