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Hi friends!

I have another great brain break to share with you. This is the one that the big kids love!

You have not lived until you’ve seen fifth grade students totally get into their cha-cha moves! Oh my!

I tried to capture this for you in a photo, but it just came out blurry!

These guys are normally too cool for school, but they jumped up there and led the dancing from the front.

You can see that everyone is watching the screen and trying to get their dance moves right. I turned the lights out so we could see the screen better.

Now, I have to warn you that you need to make sure you preview any brain break videos you want to use. Some versions of the cha-cha slide have some words you might not want to explain to your students or their parents. But this version is great!

If you are working on a project with your elementary students, and they start to ask how long until lunch, take a brain break! Our students were able to dance like nobody’s business, then sit down and get right back to work. The breaks really do help everyone’s brain  to focus!

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