Library Freebie Friday Summer Reading Goal

Hi friends!

This library freebie is coming to you late in the day…and what a day it has been! Fifth grade and kindergarten research projects are going on at the same time that I’m promoting summer reading. It’s been crazy busy, but I’m hanging in there, knowing that summer is right around the corner.

I already told you about the summer reading challenge I’ve posted in Teachers Pay Teachers. I’ll present that to my students after Memorial Day.

Today the children’s librarian from the public library came to our school and talked to a fifth grade class about the summer reading fun at the nearby public library. I recorded her on my iPad, and I’ll edit the video and post it on our shared drive at school so that the rest of our teachers can show it in their classrooms.

I created a center to allow students to reflect back on a book they enjoyed this year and to set a goal for books they’ll read this summer.

Just click on the picture to download the PDF file from Google.

My plan is to have students complete these pages (adding color and embellishments, of course) and give them to me. I will make a copy to send home with them, and keep the colorful original in a binder for them to see next year when they come back!

Are you ready for summer reading? How are you encouraging your students to plan for summer reading?

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    1. Nice idea….

      I think I will fill one out for me. Set a summer reading goal and post it. .. . create a small display. Then at the beginning of the school year… set up a display of the books I read during the summer. …kids books that is….

      1. Good idea, Bibliocat! I like the idea of displaying the books you read during the summer. I’ll have to plan now to keep track of my summer reading!

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