Computer Keyboard Bulletin Board

Ooooh, I just saw the coolest bulletin board on the Elementary Tech Teachers Ning!
Check out this giant computer keyboard.

This elementary tech teacher printed the graphics on colored cardstock with the arial font at 200. She used fabric rather than paper as the bulletin board background so that she could hot glue the “keys” onto the board. The “keys” are white takeout containers from Sam’s Club.
Wouldn’t your students love this? I think mine would!

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      1. Good question, Katrina! I didn’t notice them at first, but now I’m curious too. I went back to the source for this photo, and I will try to find an answer to your question!

      2. Ok, here’s what I found out. The brightly colored buckets hold: headsets, a cloth for dusting the screen, password cards, a pad of paper and a pencil. Organized and colorful, right?

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