Candy Corn Estimation Station

Hi friends!

This week I’m setting up a candy corn estimation station in our school library.

You can click here to get the sign I’m using as a free download from my Google Drive.

I’ve got my Estimation Station filled with candy corn (enclosed in a zipper bag, away from germs and prying fingers).  Whoever has the closest estimate will take home the candy corn.

It’s a fun, colorful fall center. The educational part happens in the conversations we have as the students make their estimates. We talk about how they choose their numbers. Usually, different grades have different strategies. The important objective is that they HAVE a strategy for making an estimate, rather than just a wild guess.

I bought this Estimation Station from Amazon. It comes with a clear scoop that you can fill. You can tell your students that if ____ pieces of candy corn fit in the scoop, and 8 scoops fit in the container, how many pieces of candy corn fit in the container?
The container is a four-inch plastic cube (not huge) with a lid. The activity guide has ideas for more math activities to use with this station. 
This is my kind of math center…SWEET! And I will NOT snitch pieces of candy corn out of my library center! 
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      1. You’re welcome, Sandy! It’s been a big hit at our school! Next month I’m gonna put the candy corn pumpkins in there, and have students compare candy corn capacity vs. pumpkin capacity.

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