Elf on the Library Shelf–hanging around

Hi friends!

Our elf has left the library shelf and started hanging around different parts of the room. He was spotted dangling from a peppermint decoration one day.

Tomorrow morning, when we arrive at school, we’ll find that the elf has decided to help us decorate our tree.
IMG_2054 Near the tree, our fireplace is ablaze with twinkling lights, beckoning our young readers to gather around with their books.
IMG_2048(I did NOT stage this picture. I saw all these students reading silently in this cozy little spot, and I snapped the photo before they noticed me. Now that I’m looking at the photo, I realize I need to move the coffee table out of the way so more students can sit by the fire. )

The fireplace is: a copy paper box lid, covered in black butcher paper, with red, yellow, and orange tissue paper in front, and twinkle lights in back. We moved books to create an empty bookshelf. We covered the front of the bookshelves with the fake brick paper you can buy at the teacher supply store. Then we cut out a rectangle and set our box of lights and tissue paper in this rectangle on the bottom shelf, so that the “fire”  is recessed behind the fake brick paper. Teachers like to stop by this spot, too!

And, another light in my week was this observation by a first grader. He was working on our community helper research project, and he was writing about a librarian’s job.


I LOVE my job: helping students read and use their imagination! Don’t you?

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p.s.–if you are thinking about ordering Jamberry Nails as a gift, the order deadline for Christmas delivery is tomorrow, December 12. I really want to slip some into my own stocking! I think the Taupe Mini Rose is my next color to try.

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