Our Nameless Elf

Hi friends!

We had a magical day with our elf on the library shelf. Although today he was playing in the Christmas tree.

First, I caught a fourth grade boy waving his hand in front of the elf’s eyes to see if he would blink.

Later, a second grade boy explained to me that the elf blinks when you blink. THAT’s why you never see him blink.

I had thought about having our elf get revenge on the Grinch, who taped the elf to the wall last week. The elf could tape the Grinch up somewhere, or string him up with Christmas lights. But then I realized that wasn’t the story I want to tell my students. Here’s how this story ends.


(We made a red elf hat for the Grinch, with pointy green elf ears attached, like this. )

I can’t wait to see how our students react tomorrow!

All of our students have been asking what the elf’s name is . So, it’s time for an elf naming library center! The sign and naming slips are here for you to download from my Google Drive.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 8.57.32 PMStudents who believe in a magical elf…I will never forget that. And I want my students to always remember that the library is a magical, happy place.


We’ve still got a few days left before the break. Think about hiding a mischievous elf or gingerbread man around your library. I guarantee he will be worth his weight in smiles!

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