Library Centers this week

Hi friends!

Here’s what’s happening in our library this week, continuing our Reading is Sweet theme for December.

We’ll have the Gingerbread Man at our listening center. Our students love this classic story, and ask to check it out all the time! This week they’ll be able to listen to him run, run as fast as he can while they are surrounded by gingerbread decorations.

(Don’t you love the super cute clip art from LittleRed?)

Another center will be a Would You Rather? center. I’ll use the winter cards from my Four Seasons Would You Rather and I’ll mix in some of the free Christmas Would You Rather cards from Rachel Lynette. (Our temperature in San Antonio will finally be dropping below the seventies this week. Maybe we’ll be able to think about winter now!)

I will have my paper Candy Cane center (free) set up, so that students can write the name of a favorite book on a paper candy cane and then add it to our tree by the fireplace.

Tomorrow I’ll snap some photos of our “fireplace” and our gingerbread house (formerly known as the reading tent) so that I can share those with you.

I hope you’re ready for a great week with your students! Keep smiling…a long break is right around the corner!

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