Reading is sweet (like lollipops)

Hi friends!

Here is the latest sweetness in our elementary school library. I was inspired by a similar project on Pinterest, where book covers were used to create a heart shape. We (meaning mostly my awesome student-librarian Jen) created gi-normous book cover lollipops.

We chopped up book jackets with the paper cutter, stuck them to butcher paper circles (patterned kindof like a quilt with stripes of similar colors), laminated the circles so we can use them year after year, and rolled up white butcher paper for the lollipop stick.
Because our library is  big room with tall ceilings, we have to make oversized decorations to be proportional. Normal sized posters and decorations just look like little bits of clutter in our big room.
We love our colorful sweet treats theme that lets us create an atmosphere of celebration without offending any particular holiday or tradition.
I hope you are enjoying a sweet holiday season with your students!
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