Why Choose Literati Book Fairs

Literati is a new and growing book fair company, committed to giving back (over a million books donated), to sharing diverse perspectives, and to igniting a love of learning. Let’s talk about a few reasons why Literati might be the best choice for your school library’s book fairs.

Literati provides the easiest and most rewarding book fair option for elementary schools. Plus, with a wide variety of stories and a different theme each semester, kids will always experience something new.

Easy Setup with Literati Book Fairs

Setting up a Literati Book Fair is fast and easy. One volunteer only needs 45 minutes to bring your book fair to life. Just wheel the pre-stocked, sturdy, easy to roll bookcases into your prepared book fair space, open the lids, and you’re ready for showtime! The table top items are already in a display stand, so you only have to pull the stand out of the box and set it on the table.

And every librarian knows that easier setup also means a quicker turnaround at the end of the book fair, when you need to close down the book fair and reclaim your library teaching space. We all know that there’s no tired like end-of-the-book-fair tired!

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Better Books with Literati Book Fairs

Literati’s expert curators read a lot of books, looking for a fun mix of impactful themes, beautiful illustrations, and relatable characters. On your fair’s shelves, you’ll find award-winning bestsellers alongside hidden gems from smaller publishers. 

Your book selection will also cover a variety of reading levels and interests—and with 80% paperbacks, every reader can take home a new favorite. Best of all, Literati keeps the focus on books, not toys. Librarians have said that the pens and erasers are truly usable, rather than being toy-like distractions.

You won’t have to deal with those books that are shrink wrapped with an attached toy. I know that those were a source of many heated discussions in our school library between parent and child about whether the student would really read the book or they just wanted the toy. You’ll love that Literati keeps the focus on engaging books from a variety of publishers.

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Flexible Rewards with Literati Book Fairs 

The more successful your book fair is, the more rewards you earn! Choose what best suits your school: book profit (take books from the fair shelves), Follett Titlewave® credit (so that you can buy library bound copies), cash, or a mix!

Plus, families and friends from near or far can shop your complimentary online fair! Purchases made through your online fair will be added to your book fair sales total.

Ongoing Revenue with Literati Book Clubs

Have you heard about Literati Book Clubs? It’s a personalized monthly book box that you can offer to families at your book fair. Parents will love the curated book boxes shipping to their homes, and you’ll appreciate that the library gets 10% of every dollar spent on the book clubs.

Each book club box includes five books plus some surprises, and parents only keep and buy the books that they want. They can return the books they don’t want for free. The book selections are personalized based on age, reading level, and interests. I know that busy parents will appreciate this option.

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Contact Literati

Team up with Literati Book Fairs to inspire a love of reading in your students that will last a lifetime!
Learn more today at literati.com/bookfairs, email [email protected], or call a team member at 833-758-0217.

Many thanks to Literati for sponsoring this blog post, for providing school librarians with a book fair alternative, and for lifting all author voices.

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