Valentine Library Center and Bulletin Board

Valentine Library Center with conversation hearts background

Let me tell you about my Love to Read Valentine library center. It’s my favorite kind of library center: it’s easy to set up, lets students share their thinking, and results in a colorful library bulletin board for students, teachers, and administrators to see!

The Love to Read library center is perfect for the whole month of February, including both Valentine’s Day and the 100th day of School!

Setting Up the Love to Read Library Center

You’ll need blank heart shapes for students to write on. You can either copy shape outlines onto bright colored paper, or you can use the die-cut machine at your school.

I bought Astro-bright cardstock on Amazon. Yes, this is an affiliate link that I make a few cents from if you choose to order it. I was impatient to get my center set up, so I ordered the card stock for same day delivery.

Starting the Bulletin Board

Of course you can buy bulletin board letters at your local teacher supply store. Whenever I buy those sets, I always run out of one or two of the letters before I finish my cute little saying. I bought this product on TPT with printable bulletin board letters, so that I can write whatever I want. I never run out of letters–I can always print more!

KG Fonts Bulletin Board Letters

I just print my words on brightly colored paper or card stock, and they look beautiful!

100 Reasons to Read

I chose the phrase “100 Reasons We Love to Read” because the 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day fall fairly close together, and I wanted this display to include both occasions.

The Valentine Library Center

I place the sign, markers, and hearts at a library table. Easy peasy, right? As you know, I always place library center supplies in some type of bin or container so that students can easily clean up after themselves.

Love to Read Library Center

After students write why they love to read on a heart, they’ll bring it to me. I’ll staple them up on the bulletin board for a bright, colorful display of all the reasons we love to read!

Click here to get a copy of my center sign. It’s a Google slide, and you’ll have to make a copy so that you don’t edit my original.

I hope your February is fabulous and full of reading love! If you choose to use this library center, I’d love to see your bulletin board in our Learning Librarians Facebook group!

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    1. Love this idea. I can’t access the Google doc, it says access denied. What does the sign say? I can’t quite read the bottom line.

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