Mavalus Tape

Hi friends!

Let me introduce you to my new friend, Mavalus tape.

Why is he my new friend? Because I have cinderblock walls and slick laminate bookshelves, and I used to spend/waste part of my day picking up my signs that had fallen down. Over. And over.

No more! Mavalus tape sticks. It really sticks. If you look at the corporate web page, you can watch videos where people see what odd things they can stick to the wall with Mavalus tape. For example, they stick a 5-pound ream of printer paper to the wall with 6 inches of Mavalus tape. Cool!

Here’s my Mavalus tape in action.

I bought this Alphabet Kids bulletin board set by Creative Teaching Press.  I use the cutouts as signs to help students and teachers navigate our picture book collection. I really like this set because it includes an object that starts with each letter. I feel like my co-teacher (my library, more about that here) is at work, helping young students to learn (or review) their letter sounds as they look for library books.

I was so happy with these cute and colorful signs in our everybody section. I attached them with sticky-tack at the start of the school year. But every morning, when I walked in, I’d find a few on the floor. Sometimes, in the middle of a story, one of the signs would suddenly take a dive. No, that didn’t distract the kindergarteners at all!

A first grade teacher told me about Mavalus tape, swears by it, and I gave it a try. HOORAY! It really works! My signs are staying up! I don’t have to waste time every day picking decorations up from the floor. That makes me very happy with my new friend, Mr. Mavalus Tape.

I found my tape at a teacher supply store, in several different colors. If you can’t find it there, you can always find it on Amazon.

It makes me really happy when I find an inexpensive product that helps me save time. Have you found a product like this that makes your library life better? Please tell us about it!

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    1. I am ordering this tape today! And the cute letters too.

      My latest “find” is anti-slip shelf tape. ( ) I found this miracle at Demco and I don’t know how I missed it for the last 14 years working in a school library! We immediately applied a strip down the center of each shelf of every metal cart we own. While it doesn’t act as a bookend, it sure helps keep the books from sliding everywhere. We have magnetic book ends on the carts, but they never seem strong enough to prevent the big slide. We use our metal carts to house several collections of books and I am thrilled to say that they are all standing tall since the miracle non-skid tape has been on the scene. The tape comes in clear so we can keep the integrity of the lovely beige color of the carts. I highly recommend this tape!

    2. Shelly,
      I’ve never tried that shelf tape. Thanks for the recommendation! That’s exactly what I was talking about–little things that make your library life better. That is going on my next order!
      Ya gotta love that beige!

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